Online Logistics Software

The applications are developed to run all of the reservations and logistics for boat rental clubs. The sites offer different views and functions based on the role of the user. Employees have complete control over the system while members have differing rules and access.



Data Acquisition & Monitoring Systems
Clients: Parametric Solutions Inc, Titan Salvage

Created a data recording system using National Instruments LabView and CompaqDAC for the monitoring and storage of near real-time data from a subsea test sled. The test sled was built to prove feasibility of an offshore alternative energy system.


Designed, built and maintained a real-time pressure monitoring system for water levels (based on differential pressures) inside a an submersible salvage barge. The barge was 300′ X 100′ X 25′.



ESRI ArcGIS Plug-Ins
Employer: Oceaneering International (End Client: Government Agency)

Created plug-ins for the ESRI ArcGIS 9.3. These tools helped users create shapefiles, analyse data, select information for large data sets, measure distances, compute areas and export data.




Control System GUI
Employers: Precision Drilling & Oceaneering International

Created Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for numerous robotic tools and monitoring systems. The programs directly interfaced with embedded processors via proprietary communications protocol. Implemented a proprietary serial communications protocol in VB and VB.Net — protocol allowed for network addressing of nodes by signaling all nodes to listen and accept or reject packets based on the parity bit (9th bit) of a standard RS232 serial packet.

The GUIs were responsible for all aspects of command and control of the tools and robots. These functions included: formatting / re-initialization of all data, low-level reprogramming of embedded controllers, calibration of sensors, display of data, storage of data, graphing and graphical display of dials and indicators based on data, operations and low level control of sensors, direct packet writing to processors and testing of all embedded controller functions.




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